New pictures of Simba

Avalanche and Simba after a hard day

I just took these! I managed to get for different shots and as you can see its one of Simba’s cuddle times with Avalanche!! They are both tuckered out after playing with dad and mom!! Lol!! Simba loves to play with your feet under the covers!! He is such a happy kitten!! He has no idea that he is different or that he is he’s moms little super hero!!

  • Simba has so much determination and fight in him that sometimes I look at him and think how can you go full speed a head all day long like its nothing!! He is amazing!! He is so cute when he runs he looks like a big wild cat!! Simba’s going so fast you never see he’s 3 legs hit the ground…and he looks low to the ground like a big cat!! I don’t know if you can tell in any of the pictures we have shared but Simba has hair off the tips of he’s ears like a bob cat!! I will insert a few more pictures taken while I was unable to blog!! 
    6 months old

    Simba at 6 months old

Simba and Avalanche

Avalanche and Simba have something in common while Avalanche is a husky and Simba is a kitten!! These two both had to fight for there lives as babies!! Avalanche was a few months old when heartbreak hit this family!! It was right before Christmas four years ago!! Our day started like any other…Theo had left for work when I realized Avalanche was not acting normal as I checked on him I realized he had a fever I tried to get to drink some water!! When he wouldn’t I called the vet at this point he had thrown up a few times!! My heart at this point sunk as I realized with he’s symptoms what it could be parvo!!

Avalanch was still two weeks out before he could get he’s last round of puppy shots!! The vet told us to first try pepalight so we did and he would drink that till the next morning he still hadn’t eaten any!! So I called the vet back and we took him in!! I was distraught as this was a bad time of year for me on Dec 12 1987 my mother passed away!! I was only 2&1/!! Avalanche was in the vets office during the week of the 12th!! After days of testing the vets finally found what was wrong he was sick with stomach had he not gotten treated it would have killed him😭

Simba was to young to have the surgery he needed so the vets and us held off as long as we could he was still to little but at the point they did the surgery cause gang green would have takin he’s life this is what killed my mother!! Talk about being even being more freaked out with both our sons I was more terrified than I had ever been but I knew for there sakes I had to stay strong!! We visited Avalanche every day he had to stay so he would know that we hadn’t abandoned him!! And Simba we were there when we could be too!!

We wonder if this common background is why Avalanche shocked both he’s dad and me… you know we have other cats Avalanche before Simba more tolerated them!! But from the 1st sighting Avalanche got of Simba it was ❤️ At 1st sight!! This was truly incredible to watch as this was a side of Avalanche we had never seen before!! Avalanche immediately started watching over Simba as if that was he’s baby! Simba loves he’s cuddle time with Avalanche and loves to play with Avalanche big fluffy tail lol!! We watched Avalanche’s heart grow that day and every day since!! We don’t know if it is that he some how sensed that this sweet kitten had a fight ahead of him that changed Avalache’s perspective on cats or if it was something else!! But Avalanche loves all the cats now!!


Simba’s Gift to Nala

As all our fur kids love there sister Nala it was no surprise to my husband and I that Simba and Nala were attached to one another quickly!! Nala is a very special dog in here almost 11yrs with us she has no bone in her body to be mean in anyway!! She loves humans and her fellow furryness no mater who you are She will greet you with a smile kisses and a wagging tail!!

We refer to her as the second mother in the house! She acts like my second in command or a mommy mini me however you wanna look at it!! When the occasional fight between siblings happens and there dad nor I can drop what we are doing fast enough she gets between the two and stands her ground till we get there or they separate!! She shows all of them affection with kisses cuddles and play time even in her old age!! Nala is truly amazing!!

Simba at 1st was a bit intimidated by Nalas size but he warmed up to her quite quickly…one night after Theo got home from work we were eating and watching our shows!! I look down and Simba is playing with Nala’s wagging tail as if Nala is playing with a sting with him!! We burst out laughing as every once in a while Nala’s tail would stop she was letting Simba win!! Awww it was heart melting!!

Nala being her and having this deep understanding that she is bigger!! Would lay on the floor and let the kitten climb jump slide all over her to play and in true Nala fashion she paw at Simba so easy as if he were a fragile father!! Until she knew Simba was ready for the nest stage in there play sessions she would lay down!!

After a few months Nala knew Simba was comfortable enough with her to stand and play and few week after that while I am cleaning dishes here comes Nala this big beautiful pup and right on her tail is Simba chasing her back in forth through the house!!

Nala doesn’t know how old she is even with artists she acts like a pup!! To show you how amazing she is! A couple of days before Thanksgiving Simba was on the couch and Nala came up and nozzles him to get him to play Simba starts seating at Nala’s nozzle moving back and forth! The both start getting carried away and Simba sticks he’s claws in Nala’s caboose and she cries out (her back end is where her arthritis is the worst) she didn’t snap at Simba he didn’t freak out he went up to her head and as if he was saying sorry he starts liking her face!!

please remember when you are bringing a new baby home give everyone the time they need to adjust don’t leave them unattended until you know that everyone gets along!! Simba would stay in our bathroom when it was errand days until we were sure everyone was comfortable and safe!!

Simba and Reggie

Simba has changed Reggie in away we never thought possible! For those of you who may be new we adopted Reggie from our local shelter!! Reg was a bit of a bully even as a kitten and we didn’t know how he would fit into our family but we know that he needed a family that was willing to take a chance on him and that had the time and patience for him!! He was almost a year when Simba came into our lives and at 1st we were extremely nervous how Reg would react!!

In the beginning Reg would come up and sniff Simba hiss and run off this went on for about two weeks and then it was time for Simba’s surgery! When Simba came home post op we were more nervous but Reg surprised us and wanted to play!! We watched and gave Reg praises when he was easy and got on to him and moved him when he got a little rough with Simba!! A few weeks after this Reg and Simba were running chasing and playing all over our house they are the best of buds and a bromance was born!!

Reg for some reason unlike most cats was terrified to make jumps and Simba had helped him over come that!! Simba has helped Reggie truly be a cat and be proud that he is a happy cat!! Simba has been a blessing in all our lives and taught each of us something new!!

We hope that these mini stories help you and that enjoy reading about our journey with an incredible tri-pawed!!

Simba’s mini Series

Hi everyone,

Sorry that we have been in active for months!! We thank all of you for your amazing feed back and shares!! I thought that it would be fun for all of us if I add mini stories to catch everyone up and I am gonna start blogging every Sunday!! We have been away cause this has been a year that both my husband and my family had had a lot to over come, we know that this has been a year that a lot of people have had struggles!! We know that you will understand!

I am gonna post all mini stories by next Sunday!! We are so happy that Simba’s journey is helping and inspiring others with tri-pawed babies! Our first mini story is an up date!! Let’s jump in:

Simba has come so far since the surgery! We couldn’t be prouder parents we have been shocked at times! Lol!! We have seen him go from being a little intimidated by jumps to taking them like its nothing, even when he does fall short of a jump he brushes it right off and try’s again!! We know and understand that with the fact that he had to have a back leg removed he doesn’t have the power to jump as high as he would have!! But let me assure this does not stop Simba from living a uniquely normal indoor cat life!!

This amazing kitten has found away to use all the furniture and counter tops to get to the top of book shells to get to the top of the fridge!! He has made he’s home functional and he’s play ground!! As he’s parents we are so happy that our home works for him!!

Simba will turn 9months this next week and this cutie had no idea that he is technically different then the others which as a mother truly warms my heart! Simba is a sweet loving and sometimes a bit mischief!! Three legs have in powered him and gave him a chance at a fully love filled life!! Three legs gave Simba he’s life back and he is a happy loved kitten!!

If you are facing a difficult choice regarding a fur baby this is our advice to you remember that you are there mom/dad and you are making the choice for there future! Weight the pros and cons from there side ask yourself the important question: will this better there life? Will this give them a longer life span? What are the risks involved? Etc..

Its not an easy choice you will have emotions involved cause there your children! And that is ok….Theo and I were terffied when the vet explained to us that Simba may not make it threw the surgery because he was so little…but without he wold not be here now!! Here is the bottom line in our opinions having Simba in our life for a short time and trying to give him a real shot out life was a blessing then to never have our hearts filled with the love this kitten gives!! A life lesson: don’t take anytime you have with any of your loved ones for granted we are all blessed to have the fur and paws and the humans we have in our lives they all bring us love and joy and amazing memories that we will never truly lose them as they always live on through us!! This is also what makes it so hard to let go or lose them!!

Happy Holidays and Love from the Caster Family