Simba and Avalanche

Avalanche and Simba have something in common while Avalanche is a husky and Simba is a kitten!! These two both had to fight for there lives as babies!! Avalanche was a few months old when heartbreak hit this family!! It was right before Christmas four years ago!! Our day started like any other…Theo had left for work when I realized Avalanche was not acting normal as I checked on him I realized he had a fever I tried to get to drink some water!! When he wouldn’t I called the vet at this point he had thrown up a few times!! My heart at this point sunk as I realized with he’s symptoms what it could be parvo!!

Avalanch was still two weeks out before he could get he’s last round of puppy shots!! The vet told us to first try pepalight so we did and he would drink that till the next morning he still hadn’t eaten any!! So I called the vet back and we took him in!! I was distraught as this was a bad time of year for me on Dec 12 1987 my mother passed away!! I was only 2&1/!! Avalanche was in the vets office during the week of the 12th!! After days of testing the vets finally found what was wrong he was sick with stomach had he not gotten treated it would have killed him😭

Simba was to young to have the surgery he needed so the vets and us held off as long as we could he was still to little but at the point they did the surgery cause gang green would have takin he’s life this is what killed my mother!! Talk about being even being more freaked out with both our sons I was more terrified than I had ever been but I knew for there sakes I had to stay strong!! We visited Avalanche every day he had to stay so he would know that we hadn’t abandoned him!! And Simba we were there when we could be too!!

We wonder if this common background is why Avalanche shocked both he’s dad and me… you know we have other cats Avalanche before Simba more tolerated them!! But from the 1st sighting Avalanche got of Simba it was ❤️ At 1st sight!! This was truly incredible to watch as this was a side of Avalanche we had never seen before!! Avalanche immediately started watching over Simba as if that was he’s baby! Simba loves he’s cuddle time with Avalanche and loves to play with Avalanche big fluffy tail lol!! We watched Avalanche’s heart grow that day and every day since!! We don’t know if it is that he some how sensed that this sweet kitten had a fight ahead of him that changed Avalache’s perspective on cats or if it was something else!! But Avalanche loves all the cats now!!


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