Simba post op

hello everyone,

I apologize that I wasn’t able to get a post on how Simba is doing after surgery!! Yesterday was crazy and I was very emotional and a bit frustrated and not really in the right frame of mind to blog!! I got a comment that shocked me someone said I was making this look easy!!

So I would like to start this with an apology I am sorry if I offended anyone these are all serious situations and these are real life’s at risk anyone that might be reading this you don’t choose what the crowd choose to do you do your own thing!! Situations can be similar and we can help one another get through this and not let people feel alone but what was the right choice for my family won’t be the case for another!!

Simba was happy to see me and I was excited to see my now tripawed son!! I was surprised to see that he was sitting vs laying! He was also happy to see grandma….so much so that he flirted with her. We understand that he’s a kitten vs an adult cat and know that it’s gonna be a bit of any easer road for him then it would be for an adult cat who is use to and had already gotten the hang of things on all fours!!

I was upset when no vet yet again came out to talk to us as this is still a big deal that our child had a major surgery plus Theo and I had questions and concerns will we still do!! I was super shocked to find out that Simba would be taking antibiotics for only 3 days while he needs to be given he’s antibiotic until gone!! Plus I was even more confused by the fact that when he’s leg was broken and possibly dying (b4 we knew for sure that it was!!) he got both antibiotic and pain meds twice a day and for 3wks

Oh and then I asked about the cone of shame and the office assistant replied they tried to fit him but he’s to small ok Simba is still tiny so I understand but she immediately follows up with but don’t let him like the surgical area I know this but some ideas would be nice but all she could say was no idea!! They do realize we need sleep and that we have other responsibilities right? I remember that one of you had shared the baby onesies and thought that Simba might fit into premie size! Nope premie swallowed him!! Countless hours went by while Theo and we’re trying to keep Simba from licking and chewing stitches!

After countless failed attempts!! Theo says coffee filters. We were desperate at this point so we tried so far it’s working!! With the coffee filter around he’s head he reminds us of the part of I just can’t wait to be king where Simba puts he’s head through the red leaves to make a main it’s so cute!! Anyways we eat way late ended up going to bed late and we didn’t set alarms!! You guessed I wake up at 6:33 see that there’s a lot of light and then see my husband is still in bed I look at the time and oh crap My husband was suppose to be at work at 6 Weboth shot out of bed!!

we have now been through 3 weeks of a messed up sleep schedule and it’s not as easy is at was to just get up and go like it was in our early 20’s with Nala…..

When got to my grandmas truck and got Simba out of he’s kennel I was shocked not at him at myself and had some reservations about it being weird to see him all I saw though was Simba that’s my son and rather he has all he’s limbs our not nothing can change that!! I know that leg is gone but even holding him I feel no difference!! Simba gave me a gift yesterday: a parents love never falters!!

My fellow amputate parent let me ask you this: what is your favorite part about your unique baby? Is it something that you loved b4 amputation or is it something after? The reason I am asking is for you not me I rather focus on the positive then the negative…..I also know how hard that can be at times!  So I am asking you to ask yourself these questions and answer them if you wanna share I welcome it I love hearing and reading about your cuties!!

Once Simba and I got home I was surprised that he stood and stretched right away he falls here and there but gets right back up😄 Still I have to fight my mother in stinks to swoop in and basically baby him I do that and I am harming he’s recovery and not helping!! I don’t want that.

Everyone in this house doesn’t seem to mind that Simba is even more unique now!! The major part that is now weighing heavily on my heart are the unanswered questions some only the vet can answer: where they able to get all the infection in the amputation? What is safe to use in the event of an accident in the litter box? (What I mean by this is if Simba falls or maybe can’t keep he’s bum high enough?) what about physical therapy? About how long will complete healing take? If Simba for any reason needed to be away from siblings? What movement is safe for Simba so there’s no further injury? If Simba needs a pacific diet when we should be concerned if he’s not eating normal? And if it was best that one of us be here till recovery is reached or if it was safe to leave him here in he’s kennel while we run earns!!

Simbas surgery went well and the vets office did call to let us know this Friday we were both on edge till that call came in!! As little as he still is and the case of how he was when we found him put him at a higher!! We are thankful to the Clinc for taking every safety precautions before while surgery and after!! We are thankful to this community and thankful to have Simba home!! I am also grateful to not have lost a child the same way I lost my mom!!

please feel free to share any thoughts and ideas and knowledge we fill as though we have been left in the dark and are doing are best!! Please scroll down to enjoy Simba’s transformation and first moments!!

Coffee filter cone
Coffee filter cone
Simba's new baby blanket
Simba’s new baby blanket

image image

After Simba eat he cuddled in my lap
After Simba eat he cuddled in my lap


I am happy to be home but mom I am hungry (1st thing Simba did after coming out of kennel)
I am happy to be home but mom I am hungry (1st thing Simba did after coming out of kennel)
A few minutes later still eating
A few minutes later still eating
Perfectly imperfect
Perfectly imperfect

Meet my Family

I am apart of a big family now!! Please enjoy getting to know then better!! 🐾🐾 love Simba


name: Theodore (Theo)

about: daddy is 33 yrs old he is a chef and he loves play time with my siblings and I


name: Danae

About: mommy is 31 yrs old she is a stay at home mom of 10 she dose everything with us and I love car rides with mom she holds me and Timon lays in her lap

Neco: adopted from local shelter is 10 yrs old he is a a blue healer husky mix mom shut he’s paw in a car door when he was a puppy and still feels bad and he scared mom and dad they stayed up with him all night and thought he had parvo but thank goodness he just needed de wormed he loves cat napping with us cats and playing with us

Nala: adopted from local shelter is 10yrs old is husky/Doberman mix the second mom in the house she loves everyone once got lost in Wyoming when daddy Took mommy to meet he’s family and got her paw stuck on ice and she had to wear a baby sock she was only 4 weeks when mommy & daddy brought her home

Nalani: rescued by daddy out of a dumpster at work she is a German Rottie she is the biggest lap baby and loves play time with everyone and getting treats from grandma She loves when Reggie sleeps with her at night!! She is 6yrs old

Timon: is a chihuahua with a big dog personality he was rescued on Independence Day on the highway mommy and daddy almost hit him he loves sleeping and going everywhere he is 5yrs old

Avalanche: is a Siberian husky he is 4yrs old and he is a big mommy baby like me he saved mommy life after her and daddy found out they couldn’t have kids she got depressed and then Avalanche came and showed her she had been a mom the whole time at about 4months he spent a week in the vets office sick mom and dad went to see him everyday he had the puppy flu and it almost killed him mom had a hard time cause it was right b4 the date her mom passed and right b4 Christmas mom kept praying for a Christmas miracle and got it

Screamer: is 16yrs old she is my 6 toed kitty sister she is black mommy has had her since b4 her and Dady got together Screamers not your average cat she loves to be held and cuddle she gives kisses and she like Nala loves everyone

Stitch: is 2 yrs old adopted he is grey and white mommy and daddy adopted him so that they wouldn’t lose Screamer after Tigged passed away him and screamer had been together forever!! Stitch loves doing he’s own thing and loves sun bathing with Neco

Reggie: is a year old adopted he charmed mommy while her and daddy were volunteering at the shelter by grabbing her hand with he’s paw and kissing it!! He was high strong till he met me know he loves to play with me and Nala and Nalani

Panda is a ferret he’s age is own know a co worker of daddy’s was moving were he could no longer have them and knew that mommy and daddy do what every good parent does and sacrifices there wants and needs they put all of us children first!!

Thats this crazy family that I am now apart of as my mommy would say we’re all perfectly imperfect we like being different I hope you enjoyed getting to know my family!! Keep a look out for my post op update!!

The continue of the start of Simba’s story

We are now on June 9th 2016!! The vets clinic called first thing to let us know that Simba was ready to come home. Theo and I went to get him!! Dr. Eversal walked us through what was going on with Simba and he’s medication. Simba had fractured he’s leg in the growth plate because he’s foot had some what warmed up over night….Dr. Eversal was confident that the leg was possible saveable. She gave us an antibiotic, pain meds, and eye ointment!!

The 1st few days home all Simba did was cuddle with he and play here and there. Simba was terrified of the dogs which is understanding as he is a wild kitten! This was hard for Nala and that made it a bit hard for me! Nala is the second momma in the house she loves everyone!! Reggie didn’t really pay attention to the kitten for the first few days!!

When Reggie did notice he reacted a lot different than expected. He would come close to the kitten and hiss then run off!! This went on for about a week then Reggie wanted to play!! With the kitten injured we allowed them to play but would sometimes have to put Reggie in the bathroom as he would get to rough.

This past Monday on June 20th, 2016 we called the vets office cause over the weekend Simba’s leg took a major turn for the worst….(when you find your fur babies dead they are rock solid) that is how Simba’s leg was at this point! We took him in and Dr. Dixion told us the leg was dead that he would need to amputate the hind leg now! Well we had been told by the vet the main reason why they didn’t wanna do the amputation is that Simba was in bad shape health wise when we found him plus anybody is put at risk with anesthesia and they estimated Simba to be 10 weeks old on he’s 1st visit! Which makes it hard to dose him right!!

We made the surgery for today (Friday June 24th, 2016) We dropped him off this morning and I have been nervous and worried! I want the call to get her that we have a perfectly imperfect tripawed healthy kitten. I know that we all have a hard road a head of us especially this precious kitten!! But love has no boundaries and we are Simba’s family now and we will be here through all the good and bad!! Keep this sweet fur baby in your prayers please!!

Simba before amputation
Simba before amputation
Simba takin a brake from playing
Simba takin a brake from playing
Simba sleeping on me for car ride
Simba sleeping on me for car ride
Simba sleeping with new toy
Simba sleeping with new toy

The start of Simba’s story😻🐾🐾

Hello everyone,

My name is Danae, my husband is Theo and we now have 10 fur babies!! We love our family and never thought that it would be this big!! Now don’t get me wrong we love being a big family and wouldn’t change our crazy lives!! I will be posting a back story after this for any of you that are interested!!

On June 6th, 2016 I started morning as I always do. Got up and made sure that all the fur babies had fresh and plenty of water. Then fed the cats and used the restroom! I heard a kitten cry and I am thinking to myself Reggie is not that small anymore. I went and got my 1st cup of coffee and started waking up. About an hour later I needed the bathroom again!! I heard the kitten again looked around it was none of our cats they were all 3 cat napping lol.

I realized the cry was coming from under our trailer. My heart sunk is this just a kitten crying for its mom? Or is this kitten in distress? I went outside and looked as much as I could and couldn’t find the kitten. My husband got home from work that afternoon. I told him that I had been hearing a kitten under the trailer all day and he didn’t seem to be moving from the cries. Theo got under the trailer but never heard or saw the kitten!! This went on for a couple of days!!

On June 7th, 2016 I was in the spare room and I heard the kitten he’s cry was getting faint and my heart sunk again!! We searched again that morning and still couldn’t find the kitten! But Theo finally heard the kitten!! We had to stop searching due to thunder storm!!

At this point I was worried we weren’t gonna find this kitten!! A few hours later we were able to get back to searching!! My husband yells for me from underneath the trailer. I replied did you find the kitten? Theo replied run and get me a knife hurry!! So I did!! Theo had found the kitten wrapped in wires and installation!!

When Theo and the kitten came out I understood while Theo hadn’t found him till then Simba is the light yellow kitty color!! Simba was camouflaged right into the installation!! We both noticed right away that he’s right eye was infected and that he’s right hind leg was broken!!

The vets office was closed at this point so we had to call the vet on call!! We got Simba into the vet and Dr. Eversal said what we know but that she would have to get a second opinion from Dr. Dixion!! So Simba was staying the night! When we left the vets that night we had already been informed that Simba’s leg might need to be amputated!! He’s leg was ice cold when Theo handed Simba to me after he found him!!

To be continued later today

Simba's 1st pictuer
Simba’s 1st pictuer