Simba and Reggie

Simba has changed Reggie in away we never thought possible! For those of you who may be new we adopted Reggie from our local shelter!! Reg was a bit of a bully even as a kitten and we didn’t know how he would fit into our family but we know that he needed a family that was willing to take a chance on him and that had the time and patience for him!! He was almost a year when Simba came into our lives and at 1st we were extremely nervous how Reg would react!!

In the beginning Reg would come up and sniff Simba hiss and run off this went on for about two weeks and then it was time for Simba’s surgery! When Simba came home post op we were more nervous but Reg surprised us and wanted to play!! We watched and gave Reg praises when he was easy and got on to him and moved him when he got a little rough with Simba!! A few weeks after this Reg and Simba were running chasing and playing all over our house they are the best of buds and a bromance was born!!

Reg for some reason unlike most cats was terrified to make jumps and Simba had helped him over come that!! Simba has helped Reggie truly be a cat and be proud that he is a happy cat!! Simba has been a blessing in all our lives and taught each of us something new!!

We hope that these mini stories help you and that enjoy reading about our journey with an incredible tri-pawed!!

One thought on “Simba and Reggie”

  1. Yes I deedy! Absolutely enjoying these little “mini series”! It’s ki d of like watching the Hallmark Christmas Channel!!

    I love and Simba and Reg are now best buds! What a great Christmas present! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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