New pictures of Simba

Avalanche and Simba after a hard day

I just took these! I managed to get for different shots and as you can see its one of Simba’s cuddle times with Avalanche!! They are both tuckered out after playing with dad and mom!! Lol!! Simba loves to play with your feet under the covers!! He is such a happy kitten!! He has no idea that he is different or that he is he’s moms little super hero!!

  • Simba has so much determination and fight in him that sometimes I look at him and think how can you go full speed a head all day long like its nothing!! He is amazing!! He is so cute when he runs he looks like a big wild cat!! Simba’s going so fast you never see he’s 3 legs hit the ground…and he looks low to the ground like a big cat!! I don’t know if you can tell in any of the pictures we have shared but Simba has hair off the tips of he’s ears like a bob cat!! I will insert a few more pictures taken while I was unable to blog!! 
    6 months old

    Simba at 6 months old

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