Simba’s Gift to Nala

As all our fur kids love there sister Nala it was no surprise to my husband and I that Simba and Nala were attached to one another quickly!! Nala is a very special dog in here almost 11yrs with us she has no bone in her body to be mean in anyway!! She loves humans and her fellow furryness no mater who you are She will greet you with a smile kisses and a wagging tail!!

We refer to her as the second mother in the house! She acts like my second in command or a mommy mini me however you wanna look at it!! When the occasional fight between siblings happens and there dad nor I can drop what we are doing fast enough she gets between the two and stands her ground till we get there or they separate!! She shows all of them affection with kisses cuddles and play time even in her old age!! Nala is truly amazing!!

Simba at 1st was a bit intimidated by Nalas size but he warmed up to her quite quickly…one night after Theo got home from work we were eating and watching our shows!! I look down and Simba is playing with Nala’s wagging tail as if Nala is playing with a sting with him!! We burst out laughing as every once in a while Nala’s tail would stop she was letting Simba win!! Awww it was heart melting!!

Nala being her and having this deep understanding that she is bigger!! Would lay on the floor and let the kitten climb jump slide all over her to play and in true Nala fashion she paw at Simba so easy as if he were a fragile father!! Until she knew Simba was ready for the nest stage in there play sessions she would lay down!!

After a few months Nala knew Simba was comfortable enough with her to stand and play and few week after that while I am cleaning dishes here comes Nala this big beautiful pup and right on her tail is Simba chasing her back in forth through the house!!

Nala doesn’t know how old she is even with artists she acts like a pup!! To show you how amazing she is! A couple of days before Thanksgiving Simba was on the couch and Nala came up and nozzles him to get him to play Simba starts seating at Nala’s nozzle moving back and forth! The both start getting carried away and Simba sticks he’s claws in Nala’s caboose and she cries out (her back end is where her arthritis is the worst) she didn’t snap at Simba he didn’t freak out he went up to her head and as if he was saying sorry he starts liking her face!!

please remember when you are bringing a new baby home give everyone the time they need to adjust don’t leave them unattended until you know that everyone gets along!! Simba would stay in our bathroom when it was errand days until we were sure everyone was comfortable and safe!!

3 thoughts on “Simba’s Gift to Nala”

  1. Simba is really embracing life and is obviously the teacher in the family. I’m so happy to hear she is doing so well and found her role.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. Thanks again Kerren!! We are glad that he had two!! Yes he has definitely taught everybody under this roof somethings and a few others!

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