Simba’s mini Series

Hi everyone,

Sorry that we have been in active for months!! We thank all of you for your amazing feed back and shares!! I thought that it would be fun for all of us if I add mini stories to catch everyone up and I am gonna start blogging every Sunday!! We have been away cause this has been a year that both my husband and my family had had a lot to over come, we know that this has been a year that a lot of people have had struggles!! We know that you will understand!

I am gonna post all mini stories by next Sunday!! We are so happy that Simba’s journey is helping and inspiring others with tri-pawed babies! Our first mini story is an up date!! Let’s jump in:

Simba has come so far since the surgery! We couldn’t be prouder parents we have been shocked at times! Lol!! We have seen him go from being a little intimidated by jumps to taking them like its nothing, even when he does fall short of a jump he brushes it right off and try’s again!! We know and understand that with the fact that he had to have a back leg removed he doesn’t have the power to jump as high as he would have!! But let me assure this does not stop Simba from living a uniquely normal indoor cat life!!

This amazing kitten has found away to use all the furniture and counter tops to get to the top of book shells to get to the top of the fridge!! He has made he’s home functional and he’s play ground!! As he’s parents we are so happy that our home works for him!!

Simba will turn 9months this next week and this cutie had no idea that he is technically different then the others which as a mother truly warms my heart! Simba is a sweet loving and sometimes a bit mischief!! Three legs have in powered him and gave him a chance at a fully love filled life!! Three legs gave Simba he’s life back and he is a happy loved kitten!!

If you are facing a difficult choice regarding a fur baby this is our advice to you remember that you are there mom/dad and you are making the choice for there future! Weight the pros and cons from there side ask yourself the important question: will this better there life? Will this give them a longer life span? What are the risks involved? Etc..

Its not an easy choice you will have emotions involved cause there your children! And that is ok….Theo and I were terffied when the vet explained to us that Simba may not make it threw the surgery because he was so little…but without he wold not be here now!! Here is the bottom line in our opinions having Simba in our life for a short time and trying to give him a real shot out life was a blessing then to never have our hearts filled with the love this kitten gives!! A life lesson: don’t take anytime you have with any of your loved ones for granted we are all blessed to have the fur and paws and the humans we have in our lives they all bring us love and joy and amazing memories that we will never truly lose them as they always live on through us!! This is also what makes it so hard to let go or lose them!!

Happy Holidays and Love from the Caster Family


One thought on “Simba’s mini Series”

  1. Glad to see the updates starting!

    Although, I am sorry to hear you and your husband jave had such a rough year. It sounds like Simba jas brought you a lot of joy and wonderful life lessons!

    You are A Saint to Simba and you have done a miraculous job of caring for him!

    His story is truly an inspawration…as is your devotion!

    Stay off the fridge Simba!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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