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For the love of Simba

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For the love of Simba

Simba post op

June 26th, 2016 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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hello everyone,

I apologize that I wasn’t able to get a post on how Simba is doing after surgery!! Yesterday was crazy and I was very emotional and a bit frustrated and not really in the right frame of mind to blog!! I got a comment that shocked me someone said I was making this look easy!!

So I would like to start this with an apology I am sorry if I offended anyone these are all serious situations and these are real life’s at risk anyone that might be reading this you don’t choose what the crowd choose to do you do your own thing!! Situations can be similar and we can help one another get through this and not let people feel alone but what was the right choice for my family won’t be the case for another!!

Simba was happy to see me and I was excited to see my now tripawed son!! I was surprised to see that he was sitting vs laying! He was also happy to see grandma….so much so that he flirted with her. We understand that he’s a kitten vs an adult cat and know that it’s gonna be a bit of any easer road for him then it would be for an adult cat who is use to and had already gotten the hang of things on all fours!!

I was upset when no vet yet again came out to talk to us as this is still a big deal that our child had a major surgery plus Theo and I had questions and concerns will we still do!! I was super shocked to find out that Simba would be taking antibiotics for only 3 days while he needs to be given he’s antibiotic until gone!! Plus I was even more confused by the fact that when he’s leg was broken and possibly dying (b4 we knew for sure that it was!!) he got both antibiotic and pain meds twice a day and for 3wks

Oh and then I asked about the cone of shame and the office assistant replied they tried to fit him but he’s to small ok Simba is still tiny so I understand but she immediately follows up with but don’t let him like the surgical area I know this but some ideas would be nice but all she could say was no idea!! They do realize we need sleep and that we have other responsibilities right? I remember that one of you had shared the baby onesies and thought that Simba might fit into premie size! Nope premie swallowed him!! Countless hours went by while Theo and we’re trying to keep Simba from licking and chewing stitches!

After countless failed attempts!! Theo says coffee filters. We were desperate at this point so we tried so far it’s working!! With the coffee filter around he’s head he reminds us of the part of I just can’t wait to be king where Simba puts he’s head through the red leaves to make a main it’s so cute!! Anyways we eat way late ended up going to bed late and we didn’t set alarms!! You guessed I wake up at 6:33 see that there’s a lot of light and then see my husband is still in bed I look at the time and oh crap My husband was suppose to be at work at 6 Weboth shot out of bed!!

we have now been through 3 weeks of a messed up sleep schedule and it’s not as easy is at was to just get up and go like it was in our early 20’s with Nala…..

When got to my grandmas truck and got Simba out of he’s kennel I was shocked not at him at myself and had some reservations about it being weird to see him all I saw though was Simba that’s my son and rather he has all he’s limbs our not nothing can change that!! I know that leg is gone but even holding him I feel no difference!! Simba gave me a gift yesterday: a parents love never falters!!

My fellow amputate parent let me ask you this: what is your favorite part about your unique baby? Is it something that you loved b4 amputation or is it something after? The reason I am asking is for you not me I rather focus on the positive then the negative…..I also know how hard that can be at times!  So I am asking you to ask yourself these questions and answer them if you wanna share I welcome it I love hearing and reading about your cuties!!

Once Simba and I got home I was surprised that he stood and stretched right away he falls here and there but gets right back up😄 Still I have to fight my mother in stinks to swoop in and basically baby him I do that and I am harming he’s recovery and not helping!! I don’t want that.

Everyone in this house doesn’t seem to mind that Simba is even more unique now!! The major part that is now weighing heavily on my heart are the unanswered questions some only the vet can answer: where they able to get all the infection in the amputation? What is safe to use in the event of an accident in the litter box? (What I mean by this is if Simba falls or maybe can’t keep he’s bum high enough?) what about physical therapy? About how long will complete healing take? If Simba for any reason needed to be away from siblings? What movement is safe for Simba so there’s no further injury? If Simba needs a pacific diet when we should be concerned if he’s not eating normal? And if it was best that one of us be here till recovery is reached or if it was safe to leave him here in he’s kennel while we run earns!!

Simbas surgery went well and the vets office did call to let us know this Friday we were both on edge till that call came in!! As little as he still is and the case of how he was when we found him put him at a higher!! We are thankful to the Clinc for taking every safety precautions before while surgery and after!! We are thankful to this community and thankful to have Simba home!! I am also grateful to not have lost a child the same way I lost my mom!!

please feel free to share any thoughts and ideas and knowledge we fill as though we have been left in the dark and are doing are best!! Please scroll down to enjoy Simba’s transformation and first moments!!

Coffee filter cone

Coffee filter cone

Simba's new baby blanket

Simba’s new baby blanket

image image

After Simba eat he cuddled in my lap

After Simba eat he cuddled in my lap


I am happy to be home but mom I am hungry (1st thing Simba did after coming out of kennel)

I am happy to be home but mom I am hungry (1st thing Simba did after coming out of kennel)

A few minutes later still eating

A few minutes later still eating

Perfectly imperfect

Perfectly imperfect

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  • jerry

    Awwww you guys! I’m so glad Simba is home! Been thinking about you but haven’t had time to check in, I’m so glad I did.

    OK so the first thing first:

    COFFEE FILTER?! Love it! You guys are awesome! Even in your sleep deprivation you did something that is PURE GENIUS!!!

    I’m so glad things are going well overall. I’m sorry though that your vet had such a casual approach to the whole thing. They tend to see amputations a lot and forget how traumatic it is for owners. I would hop over to our Forums if I were you OK? You will find LOTS of immediate support there, and in our chat room too as you know.

    So, the best thing I love about Tripawds? They really are inspirational in that they don’t hold grudges or feel remorse, or shame or embarassment about their unique new bodies. They just get ON with life and live it! They move on better than any humans I know and it’s such a good lesson for us.

    As for helping him be a stronger cat and live life to the fullest, have you seen our Cat bloggers?

    Lots of good info there, and in our News blog:

    I wish we had more info about kitties but we’re learning as we go. Our community started out as all dogs and just over the last few years we’ve evolved to our feline friends. But the more you share your own story, the more others will learn from you as well — including us. So THANK YOU.

    Here’s to you and Simba. You are such an awesome cat mom. Bravo!

    P.S. No need to apologize for anything whatsoever OK?

    • danae712

      Thank you so much I have been away because of some family issues on both my husband and my family’s but I just posted some new stories and hope to be doing new blogs for Simba on a regular basis!! Hopefully on Sunday’s as now that we’re getting back into a normal day to day!! I even got blog sticker ordered for planner to help me take the time to blog!! We are so thankful for all the feed back and comments!! It’s also amazing to see that Simba’s story is helping others!! Thank you for this amazing sight an the opportunity to reach out to other through the story of our sweet tripawed!!

  • mschelleau

    Hi to you all and especially Simba.

    My experience is with a grown cat having an amputation but it should be fine to extrapolate.

    Freya was fine with antibiotics over 5 days I think but pain killers were able to be stopped after a few days as she was sleeping on her amputation area even.

    Maybe keep Simba a bit separate for a bit from the entire menagerie until some balance issues, and possibly socialisation issues, are sorted.

    Freya is also a rear amputee and it mostly means her jumping distance is impaired so keep an eye on how high Simba can jump and provide ‘assists’ in the form of boxes or other things to those high places that kitties love.

    Check out Freya’s blog for some more ideas maybe.

    But the biggest step is behind you all and I can attest that a three legged kitty is just as happy and content and snuggly as a four legged one.

    As for favourite thing about Freya? I had Freya all her life and she was 9 when she had the surgery and she didn’t change at all! She ke-thumps when she walks (especially on wooden floors) instead of that silent stride thing four-legged cats have, and she can’t jump as high, but she loves me as much as ever!

    Mschelle and Freya

  • kazann

    How did I miss this?? What a cutie. I predict Simba is going to be quite feisty. I bet she’s doing great, any updates?

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • danae712

      Thank you he is a cutie there are new blogs up I have been away due to some family health issues!! He is feisty! But also super sweet and loving and an inspiration!! Mona is gorgeous!!

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